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Book Presentation „Wobblies of the World – A Global History of the IWW“

Comrades, Friends, Fellow Workers,

once a month, the Industrial Drinking Committee (IDC) in the Berlin Branch of Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) – worldwide since 1905 – invites to get in touch, agitate and to go for a drink.
This time we‘re happy to introduce you to our special guest Peter Cole who is one of the co-editors of „Wobblies of the World – A Global History of the IWW.“ He will give us a little introduction into the book that‘ll be published in October. Then, we can discuss, drink and dream about the upcoming abolition of the wage system

@7 p.m., Jockels Biergarten (Ratiborstraße 14C, 10999 Berlin)

(Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt. Bei Bedarf organisieren wir eine Flüsterübersetzung.)

Looking forward to seeing you there.


About the book:
The Industrial Workers of the World is a union unlike any other. Founded in 1905 in Chicago, it rapidly gained members across the world thanks to its internationalist outlook. By using powerful organising methods including direct-action and direct-democracy, it put power in the hands of workers. Its members are called, affectionately, ‘Wobblies’.

This book is the first to look at the history of the IWW from an international perspective. Bringing together a group of leading scholars, it includes lively accounts from a number of diverse countries including Australia, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Sweden and Ireland, which reveal a fascinating story of global anarchism, syndicalism and socialism.

Drawing on many important figures of the movements such as Tom Barker, Har Dayal, Joe Hill, James Larkin and William D. ‘Big Bill’ Haywood, this book describes how the IWW and its ideals travelled around the world.